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"Our leadership is all about expertise, experience and open doors."

- Edward Mirza, SVP Franchise Operations

Focused Leadership

The goal of delivering simple, economical quality is a priority to our leadership team. Together, their years of experience ensure Red Roof is consistently focused on the meaningful and finding success in the details.

Andrew Alexander


A lawyer for over 18 years with more than 13 years in hospitality, Andrew’s previous experience includes extensive experience in hotel financing through work with Boykin Lodging Company and Renaissance Hotel Group.

Marina MacDonald

Chief Marketing Officer 

Prior to joining Red Roof, Marina gained extensive experience in global and national hotel marketing and sales while working with Remington Hotels and Wyndham International.

Larry Daniel

SVP Distribution

Larry's 20 years of experience with Red Roof brings extensive knowledge of the brand, our properties and our customers to his role in overseeing reservation services including our Contact Center, GDS and web database administration.

Edward Mirza

SVP Franchise Operations

Over 25 years of hotel experience including international responsibilities enables Edward to provide support in operations, training, sales and revenue management for all franchised properties.

Jeff Linden


Jeff contributes a broad experience in IT strategy, management and development gained from work with the federal government and Accor North America.

John VandenBerge

SVP Design and Construction

Throughout his 34-year career at Red Roof, John has successfully managed a nationwide renovation plan and helped to develop our structured maintenance program.