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Family getting ready to travel with suitcases

Tips for Travelers

Our Guests safety andsecurity is of utmost concern to Red Roof Inn. We urge our guests totake advantage of the following travel tips.

Remove all visible valuables from your vehicle. Always lock your vehicle and take the key.

For additional security while in your room, follow instructions in utilizing the auxiliary lock provided on your door.

Do not admit persons to your room without first making identification. A “peephole” is provided in your door for your convenience. If there is any doubt about a person’s true identity, please contact the front desk. The front desk will notify you if we need access to your room while you are in it.

Safeguard your key. Do not leave it in your room or in the door. Do not give your key to others, and always close your door fully when you are leaving your room.

Contact the front desk immediately if you have cause for concern.

In the unlikely event of smoke or fire, notify the front desk immediately. If it is safe to do so, move quickly but calmly to the stairs and away from the building. Avoid the use of elevators.

Red Roof Inn will not be responsible for any items lost, damaged or stolen from your room or vehicle.

For your safety and convenience, when in your room engage deadbolt and security latch.

Contact us with any questions!