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Southeast and Southern

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Mobile North AL (Red Roof #98)

Mobile South AL (Red Roof #117)
More info on Mobile area attractions.

Montgomery AL (Red Roof #701)


Fayetteville AR (Red Roof #584)

Hot Springs AR (Red Roof #736)

North Little Rock AR (Red Roof #552)

West Memphis (Red Roof #553)
More info on Memphis attractions


Clearwater Tarpon Springs FL (Red Roof #506)
More information on Tampa-Clearwater attractions.

Ft. Lauderdale FL (Red Roof #249)
More information on Ft. Lauderdale attractions.

Ft. Myers FL (Red Roof #723)

Gainesville FL (Red Roof #257)
More information on Gainesville attractions.

Jacksonville Airport FL (Red Roof #81)

Jacksonville Orange Park FL (Red Roof #76)

Jacksonville Southpoint FL (Red Roof #251)
More information on Jacksonville attractions.

Kissimmee FL (Red Roof #204)
More info on Kissimmee area attractions.

Lake City FL (Red Roof #663)

Miami Airport FL (Red Roof #255)
More information on Miami attractions.

Naples FL (Red Roof #237)
More information on Naples attractions.

Ocala FL (Red Roof #638)
More info on Ocala attractions.

Orlando Convention Center FL (Red Roof #200)

Orlando West FL (Red Roof #590)
More information on Orlando attractions.

Panama City FL (Red Roof #672)

Pensacola East FL (Red Roof #589)

Pensacola West Florida Hospital FL (Red Roof #83)

Pensacola West FL (Red Roof #734)
More information on Pensacola attractions.

Tallahassee FL (Red Roof #120)
More information on Tallahassee attractions.

Tampa Brandon FL (Red Roof #173)

Tampa Busch FL (Red Roof #144)

Tampa Fairgrounds FL (Red Roof #92)
More information on Tampa-Clearwater attractions.

West Palm Beach FL (Red Roof #227)
More information on West Palm Beach attractions.


Atlanta Buckhead GA (Red Roof #130)

Atlanta Norcross GA (Red Roof #166)

Atlanta Smyrna GA (Red Roof #88)

Atlanta South Morrow GA (Red Roof #114)

Atlanta Southeast GA (Red Roof #595)

Atlanta Kennesaw GA (Red Roof #179)
More information on Atlanta attractions.

Augusta GA (Red Roof #585)

GEORGIA (Continued)

Brunswick I-95 GA (Red Roof #511)

Kingsland GA (Red Roof #710)

LaGrange GA (Red Roof #718)

Lithonia GA (Red Roof #667)

Locust Grove GA (Red Roof #622)
More information on Locust Grove attractions.

Macon GA (Red Roof #260)

Macon West GA (Red Roof #709)
More information on Macon attractions.

Savannah Airport GA (Red Roof #583)

Savannah Midtown GA (Red Roof #703)

Savannah Gateway GA (Red Roof #541)
More information on Savannah attractions.


Bowling Green (Red Roof #658)
Bowling Green attractions
Lost River Cave and Museum are nearby. Bowling Green also features Beech Bend Amusement Park and the Russell Sims Aquatic Center. Red Roof Bowling Green offers tickets at $5 off the retail price to Beech Bend Park. IGA Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores offer $23.99 discount tickets to Beech Bend.

Lexington KY (Red Roof #44)

Lexington Richmond KY (Red Roof #551)

Lexington South KY (Red Roof #184)
More info on Lexington area attractions.

London I-75 KY (Red Roof #513)

Louisville Expo Airport KY (Red Roof #118)

Louisville East Hurstbourne KY (Red Roof #34)

Louisville Fair and Expo KY (Red Roof #134)
More information on Louisville attractions.

Somerset KY (Red Roof #702)


Jackson Brandon MS (Red Roof #599)

Jackson Downtown Fairgrounds MS (Red Roof #131)

Jackson North Ridgeland MS (Red Roof #128)
More information on Jackson attractions


Asheville West NC (Red Roof #146)
More information on Asheville attractions.

Chapel Hill UNC NC (Red Roof #201)

Charlotte Airport NC (Red Roof #69)

Charlotte UNCC NC (Red Roof #728)

Durham Duke University Medical Center NC (Red Roof #164)

Durham Triangle Park NC (Red Roof #155)
More information on Durham attractions.

Fayetteville NC (Red Roof #601)
More info on Greensboro attractions

Greensboro Airport NC (Red Roof #156)

Greensboro Coliseum (Red Roof #99)
Red Roof Greensboro Coliseum is convenient to Wet 'n' Wild Emerald Pointe and Greensboro Coliseum.

Hendersonville (Red Roof #620)
Hendersonville attractions
Hendersonville is in a great natural resources area of the state, with Dupont State Forest, Jump Off Rock Park, Holmes Education State Forest, North Mills River Recreation Area of Pisgah Forest, Davidson River Recreation Area of Pisgah Forest, and Chimney Rock Park.

Other great attractions in the area include Western North Carolina Agricultural Museum; Asheville Civic Center; The Mineral and Lapidary Museum; Henderson County Heritage Museum; Thomas Wolfe Auditorium; and Brevard Music Center.