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Veterans Advantage

The Veterans Advantage® Card Program rewards you and your family with savings

VeteransAdvantage members get 15% discounts when they reference VP+® code544993 when making reservations for any Red Roof online of over thephone (800.RED.ROOF800.RED.ROOF or 800.733.7663800.733.7663). Members must show their activemembership card during check-in to receive their full discount.

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To thank veterans, Active Duty military, National Guard and Reserve members and their families, Red Roof is honored to offer 15% nationwide discounts on all Red Roof properties for Veterans Advantage® members.

In addition, Red Roof offers free Veterans Advantage memberships for those wounded in action since 9/11/2001.

Through the Veterans Advantage card, you'll receive:

  • Travel Insurance coverage;
  • A drug discount program;
  • Plus significant savings on travel, hotels, dining, entertainment, computers, electronics, fitness centers, wireless services, moving services, health care, flowers and gifts, and more.

If you are already enrolled, start enjoying your Red Roof Inn discount today! If you would like to enroll, visit this Veterans Advantage web page. New members can enroll in a 30 day trial to get discounts immediately.

In addition, Veterans Advantage also offers:

To be eligible for the Veterans Advantage card, you must have served in any branch of the service, or during any period of service, both wartime and peacetime. Family members, including the spouse, mother, father, son or daughter of the Veteran or serviceperson may enroll as well. Complimentary memberships require injury in service since 9/11/2001, and include PTSD and TBI.