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Welcome to the Red Roof Government And Military Page - save 10% today!

Red Roof Inn Military
Veteran with his son
Veterans performing service by holding flag

Save 10% nationwide! Cut costs, not travel! If you're looking for information and links for Red Roof's Government and Military savings programs--you're in the right place!

Below are the current savings programs for Government and Military Travel:

Visiting Service People on Base

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Government Contractors

Save 10% nationwide!

Government & Military Leisure Travel

Save on your next vacation!

Links to information:

Guide to the GSA Per Diems

Looking for per diems for your state or location? This site has them all.

Save with Red Roof's RediCard

Sign up for Red Roof's RediCard and earn great rewards.

State Tax Rates and Forms (GSA)

Looking for state tax rates and more information on tax-exemption requests? This site has what you're looking for.

GSA Travel Resources

A great all-around site for GSA travel resources--this page can answer all of your questions about GSA travel.