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Budget Travelers: 5 Tips to Enjoy a Spontaneous Getaway


Budget Travelers: 5 Tips to Enjoy a Spontaneous Getaway 

Yes, it can often take months of planning, navigating through dozens of websites and guidebooks full of travel information to book a hotel stay, buy a plane ticket and compile a list of attractions and activities to experience. But sometimes, travel is a lot more fun with a little spontaneity and spur-of-the-moment get up and go, allowing you to have memorable, unanticipated experiences. So whether you need a brief breather from work and stress or just want to lull in the sunshine and sand for a few days, satisfy your wanderlust with these five tips from Red Roof that will show you how to have a fun, enjoyable, spontaneous getaway on a budget:

1. Take A Road Trip… The Biggest Savings Are NOT In Airfare

Flights on regular scheduled airlines tend to increase in price the closer one gets to selected departure dates, so last minute deals on flights are rare. Instead of flying to a destination this summer, take advantage of low gas prices and take a short road trip to somewhere that’s only hours away by car.

2. Be Savvy with Hotel Deals and Sign Up for Loyalty Program

Travelers who sign up for hotel loyalty cards can get advance notice of exclusive offers and enjoy first dibs on deals. Signing up for Red Roof’s Loyalty program, RediCard, is easy and full of rewards that guests can quickly earn. Red Roof’s Nicest Price® deal is a last-minute dream, rewarding RediCard members who book 2 or more days in advance at with up to 15% off the best available rate or Red Hot Deals at locations across the country.

3. Travel with Pets: Last Minute DOES NOT Always Cost More

Red Roof has pet-friendly properties, offering fee-free stays for pets at over 470 hotels in the U.S. Be sure to also check out RedRoofLuvsPets on Facebook – Red Roof’s Facebook Community - with funny pictures and stories of pets at Red Roof Inn. Red Roof’s Instagram Page has fun pet contests all the time including the hilarious Pawject Runway!

4. Follow the Social Media Accounts of Hotels and Tourism Boards

Travelers can score great deals by following travel-related companies and bloggers. They often offer discounts via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Red Roof’s blog Travel with Red Roof and the Experience Pages of many of its properties also offers guides with many local activities and events.

5. Make Sure Your Hotel Room has Snacks and Entertainment

Make your road trips really entertaining and fun by putting together a road trip music list or playing games like I Spy and Spot the License Plate. Red Roof is also encouraging travelers to visit their properties with Fast. Free. Verified. WiFi with high-speed internet where you can quickly download and stream your favorite movie and TV sites and music apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify, as well as video games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

And grab a snack while you stream… Red Roof offers complimentary snacks and treats in Premium Rooms at PLUS+ locations, including popcorn, trail mix, granola bars, orange juice and more.

For more information or reservations, call 800.RED.ROOF (800.733.7663) or visit


Sarah Kessler
Red Roof Inn