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 Veterans Advantage

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Veterans Advantage

  • With your VetRewards Card, you'll also save on all your favorite brands, including United Airlines, JetBlue, CVS/pharmacy, Ford, Verizon Wireless, Wendy's, Amtrak, Apple, Greyhound and more!
  • If you were wounded since 9/11 while serving our country, Veterans Advantage honors you with a complimentary membership.
  • Veterans Advantage member plans include $55,000 of member insurance and travel assistance services.
  • Red Roof Inn Savings: Enjoy a 20% discount every day when you enroll with Veterans Advantage. Just use VP 544993!

Plus Many More.

Get new military benefits from Veterans Advantage, the nationally recognized advocate for privacy protection among current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Veterans Advantage members receive exclusive military discounts redeemed with the VetRewards Card, the first secure ID created to verify eligibility while safeguarding veterans' personal information.

For the first time, leading brand-name companies can easily and safely thank you with military discounts delivered by Veterans Advantage, "The #1 Most Trusted Name in New Military Benefits."

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