Affiliate FAQs

About the Red Roof Affiliate Program
What is a Red Roof affiliate?

A Red Roof affiliate is a partner who earns money by directing online traffic to the Red Roof website, resulting in completed stays. As an affiliate, you can display a variety of our banners, text links and product links on your web site. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these links and completes a stay at Red Roof, you earn a baseline 3% commission.

How much commission can I earn as a Red Roof affiliate?

Our affiliate program pays a baseline 3% commission on completed stays.

What does it cost to join Red Roof affiliate program?

Joining our program is absolutely free!

Affiliate Bookings
What happens if a customer I referred cancels a reservation?

An affiliate is only paid upon the completion of the customer’s stay. If a booking is cancelled or not completed, you will not receive commission on that transaction.

What if a customer doesn't purchase right away, but purchases later by going directly to the Red Roof website?

We offer a 30-day cookie duration. That means you can earn commission up to 30 days after someone clicks on your Red Roof ad and makes a reservation with us.  You will only be paid on that commission once the customer completes their stay at Red Roof.

Are group bookings commissionable?

No. We don’t currently pay commissions on group bookings (10-12 rooms). We only pay commissions on completed stays for up to 9 rooms.

What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction acts as a neutral third party and ensures all transactions are accurately recorded. Learn more about Commission Junction

Getting Started
How can I apply to be an affiliate of the Red Roof program?

Once you are a publisher of Commission Junction, you can then apply to be an affiliate of the Red Roof program. To apply to both Commission Junction and the Red Roof Affiliate Program at the same time, click: Apply Now

How do I find Red Roof in Commission Junction?

You can find the Red Roof affiliate program by going to your “Get Links” tab and searching for "Red Roof.” You can also find the program listed under the advertiser category Travel & Hotel.

How do I get started?

Once you are a Commission Junction publisher, apply to the Red Roof program and are accepted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your links. You will be able to select from a variety of links including logos, banners, and text links. You are free to place any of these links on your site and you'll be able to start earning commission immediately.

Creative Materials
What creative materials will Red Roof be able to provide?

Red Roof provides text links and banner ads in a variety of sizes that can be found in Commission Junction.  Feel free to choose the ones that you think will appeal to your visitors the most and place them on your site.

Can I build a custom link or alter your banners?

Be creative with how you drive users to! We just ask that you check with us first. Please send us an email to before creating or posting any custom creative live to your website. We're also more than happy to offer our creative expertise or supply custom banners for you to help your website maintain our brand integrity.

Can I utilize search marketing to promote Red Roof?

Red Roof prohibits affiliates from bidding on trademarked terms or any phrases including the trademark (red roof,, red roof inn, red roof promotions, etc.) or those containing misspellings in any search engine without prior written consent. We welcome affiliates to bid on generic keywords. Direct linking is not allowed.

Can I issue a press release or say that I'm a partner of Red Roof?

Press releases are prohibited without prior written approval and review. Please contact us at if you are interested in finding out more about press releases.

How are my commissions tracked?

Each Red Roof banner or text link that you post on your website contains special HTML code that is used to track your sales. This code allows Commission Junction to associate all of the activity that occurs through the link with your specific affiliate account. Every time someone clicks on one of these links, makes a reservation or completes a stay, your affiliate account will be credited with the corresponding commission. You will also have access to detailed reports within the Commission Junction interface.

Contact Us
I still have a question. How can I contact you?

If you don't see your question here or have comments and ideas about the Red Roof Affiliate Program, let us know! You can contact us at

Who is House of Kaizen?

House of Kaizen is the leader in affiliate marketing management and we've selected them to provide our affiliates with the best support possible. House of Kaizen offers exceptional service, expert advice, and much more.