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3615 Dunckel Road, Lansing MI  Directions
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Check in time
3:00 PM
Check out time
11:00 AM

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Key Amenities

100% Smoke FreeAirport within 10 MilesMicrowave - All Rooms2 or More Pets Stay FreeRediCleanWeekly Rates

Hotel Amenities

  • Business Center
  • Free Coffee in the Lobby
  • Free Expanded Cable
  • Free Long-Distance Calling
ADA Amenities
  • Accessible Guest Rooms with Doorways that Provide 32” of Clear Width
  • Accessible Lobby Registration Desk
  • Accessible Parking Spaces for Cars in Self-Parking Facility
  • Accessible Parking Spaces for Vans in Self-Parking Facility
  • Accessible Public Entrance to Lobby
  • Accessible Route from Accessible Public Entrance to Accessible Guestrooms
  • Accessible Route from Accessible Public Entrance to Registration Area
  • Assistive Listening Devices Not Available for Meetings
  • Employees are trained to read written materials aloud to guests who are blind or have low vision
  • Employees will provide verbal directions on locations in the hotel to guests who are blind or have low vision
  • Guest Room Televisions have Closed Captioning - Not Available
  • Service Animals are Welcome
  • Signage for Permanent Rooms and Spaces have Braille and Raised Characters
  • TTY Not Available for Guest Use
  • Portable Crib/Play Yard Available
  • Snack Center
  • Free Parking


  • Michigan State University Pavilion (1.56 mi)
  • East Lansing Amtrak (2.05 mi)
  • Michigan State University (2.63 mi)
  • Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center (2.92 mi)
  • Kresge Art Museum (3.19 mi)
  • Lansing Convention Center (3.95 mi)
  • Air National Guard - Lansing (3.95 mi)
  • Lansing Mall (3.95 mi)
  • Sharp Park (3.95 mi)
  • R. E. Olds Transportation Museum (3.95 mi)
  • Capital Region International Airport (LAN) (7.57 mi)
  • Bishop International Airport (FNT) (46.95 mi)
  • Taco Bell (0.46 mi)
  • Subway (0.48 mi)
  • Ming Dynasty (0.87 mi)
  • Tim Hortons (0.91 mi)
  • McDonald's (0.95 mi)
  • Burger King (1.00 mi)
  • Wendy's (2.13 mi)
  • Swagath Indian Cuisine (2.14 mi)
  • Korea House Restaurant (2.15 mi)
  • Dan's Coney Island (2.20 mi)

TripAdvisor Ratings


Corinne is professional, helpful and very friendly. She is great at her job and has excellent customer service. the location is ideal for travel and is right by the expressway. The housekeeping staff is great and friendly also.

Friendly staff

Staff was great, everyone was vary nice. Rooms were clean. Bed was comfortable. Decent channel line up. Outside was sad, building could use some love but being pet friendly was cool for a hotel, I met a nice dog.

Horrible stay - horrible hotel!

Upon my arrival on Monday, 11/23/2020, I found the toilet in my original room, 133, did not flush appropriately.  I reported this and was given room 109.   Room 109 - reeked of cigarette smoke, even though your hotel indicates rooms are smoke free.                     the drawers where I could have put my clothes had food crumbs in them.                      there was no phone in the room, not even one to call the front desk if needed.                      there was no notification that housekeeping would not be working for any reason. When I returned to my room on Tuesday evening, 11/24/2020, I noted housekeeping had not been in my room and towels had not been replaced with clean ones.  At the time I asked that my room be attended to by housekeeping, I also asked for a  clean set of towels.  When I returned to my room on Wednesday evening, 11/25/2020, housekeeping still had not been in my room and there were no clean towels.  I then took my soiled towels to the front office and asked for clean ones.  The clerk then told me there were NO clean towels available as housekeeping didn't leave any extras.  I was then advised to leave the white towels outside my door on the ground. Because the weather was rainy and the ground wet and dirty, I refused to do this so the towels wouldn't get ruined by the dirt and weather.  My check out date was Friday, 11/27/2020.  I ran out of toilet paper that morning, and there was none in the room to replace.  I didn't report this as I left shortly after this.   To say the least, I was not happy with my experience at your hotel.  I hope someone else doesn't have these same experiences.  

Best stay ever

Great price, great location. I stayed with my children recently & the entire staff was so accommodating. Housekeeping was friendly & efficient. Location made for a quiet stay. Will definitely recommend for my traveling friends & family!

Dirty Restroom, Dirty Walls, Disfunctional WIFI

We checked in around 5pm or so.. the clerk was very nice. Taller gentleman with curly hair. We saw him outside when we pulled in, and he had been Lysoling all of the door handles to the rooms, which I can very much appreciate, because I'm immunocompromised. We chatted a bit, and then I went back out to our car to go check out our room with my boyfriend. Now, this hotel was recommended to us by a friend who has stayed there before. We know it wasn't a Hilton or something super fancy or expensive (and we weren't looking for that,) so we pull around, I pull out the cards, put the card in the slot, tried to turn the handle.. nada.. tried again.. nada.. tried the 2nd card.. nada.. boyfriend comes up with a genius idea to try and lift the handle UP vs down, and we got in. Ok great.. we can deal with that. Normally I take pictures before I bring everything in, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and my boyfriend proceeded to bring things in. Now, we booked a disability access room. On first look, everything appeared to be ok... til I go to the bathroom. You open the door, and there's a sewer access that looks like black mold is all around it, and it's dirty as heck. Look up, and there's dead bugs and a ton of dust on the bathroom vent/light fixture in the bathroom... in the winter.. in March. The toilet was clean.. we had to hold down the handle to get it to flush properly.. but we're ok with that.. so then I go to wash my hands at the sink that's outside of the room. There was already water in it that didn't drain. I wash my hands, and the sink is nearly full. So I call my boyfriend over, and he figures out that the replacement drain stopper won't stay open, so he puts his hand in this nasty two person wash water, pulls the drain up, and it goes down. We did not figure out until the last night how to get this drain stopper out of the sink, and left it on top of the sink countertop, so we wouldn't have to deal with it again. This is during a COVID-19 outbreak, by the way. The last thing I need is to put my hands in dirty water to let the sink drain... but that's what I did every time I washed my hands til he could figure out how to remove said drain stopper. 7 or 8pm rolls around, and the WIFI cuts off both of our laptops. We do everything we can on our end to rectify the situation, and it was clear it wasn't our devices. The kind desk clerk puts us through to tech support, and he tells my boyfriend to do a few things that didn't work and hung up. My boyfriend is not a patient man, and has some pretty bad anxiety. I'm frustrated as all heck, so I call the front desk back, and the gentleman came down with his phone to try and connect to the WIFI on our side of the hotel (they have many different routers. Sometimes we could pick up number 4, but the strongest was 5.) He tries connecting with his phone, and couldn't get it to work either. He calls tech support back. Tech support calls our room phone, where I proceed to talk with him, and try working things out for over 2 hours. We tried rebooting. We tried different connections. He boosted connection power, he rebooted the routers remotely. He cut power to the routers remotely and restarted them. We did commands in DOS of all things (thank goodness I'm a tech-savvy, calm person and know what the heck I'm doing for the most part on a computer so I can figure out most situations on my own.) Eventually, we ran out of things to try, so he says just keep trying. Eventually it will let you in. Ok dude.. thanks.. idk how much y'all paid for that tech support call, but it was pretty pointless. About 1:15AM, WIFI starts working again magically out of the blue...and continued to work til Monday morning when we checked out. The ceilings of the overhangs to the rooms were in serious disrepair. Pieces were falling down in spots, they had stains all over. Our room ac/heater was extremely loud, and we had to leave the door to the control panel up, or else it rattled so loudly there's no way we would have been able to sleep through all of that. On the disability access point.. the room was barrier-free (aside from the closing bathroom door,) but had issues. The space between the foot of the bed and the rolling desk chair and desk was very narrow. A person with a regular sized wheel chair -might- fit through it, but definitely not a larger person with a wider wheel chair. The commode had handles on two sides, but the shower did not. In fact, the shower didn't even have a ledge where you could put your soap, shampoo, etc. We had to put our body wash and shampoo on the floor. The shower was barrier free.. so that was a positive. Just make sure you shut the curtain, because just by testing the water, water sprayed halfway across the bathroom making the floor extremely slippery, and there was no drain in the bathroom floor to take care of this issue, so it had to dry on its own, or you had to towel it dry. It took an extremely long time before the hot water kicked in, so it was quite wet by the time I found the right temperature. It was a standard low-flow shower head. We have no idea about the breakfast offerings, as we did not check these out. I saw a soda vending machine in the lobby.. no idea where the ice machine was, but we had a bucket and bag for some. Kudos on the little personal package of tissues. The refrigerator, microwave, and TV worked fine. On a positive note, this is the only hotel we've stayed at that has had so many actually working power outlets. Both bedside stands had 3 or 4 plugs each, both bedside lamps had power plugs, the desk lamp had a power plug, the microwave even had two plugs, and there were still 3 or 4 extra ones all over the room. There was a mystery sound coming either from the next room or the room above us, which the desk clerk heard while he was in there with us dealing with the WIFI situation. It wasn't adult times sounds, but either slamming or something mechanical that seemed to come from the corner by the sink or the bathroom.. we're not sure. We learned to ignore it, or just turned the TV up. It just happened at random through out our stay. The walls needed a good spot cleaning. There was a huge stain just below the bathroom light switch, and a few more around the room. The bed was fairly comfortable, but could feel every time anyone moved or rolled over easily. All four pillows were comfortable, so thank you for that. Bed linens were clean. Maid service knocked on the morning of day-2, and asked if we needed anything. We exchanged towels and got a roll of toilet paper. She was kind. So while your staff were outstanding to us in person, there are some things that need to be worked out. I hope they work out, because there was an obvious building permit taped to the window of the lobby. Hopefully you're working on things to make other people's experience better, but we won't be back.

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