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Check in time
1:00 PM
Check out time
11:00 AM

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Key Amenities

100% Smoke FreeFree WifiKids 17 & Under Stay FreePets Stay FreeFree ParkingRediClean

Hotel Amenities

  • Bilingual/Multilingual Staff
  • Free Coffee in the Lobby
  • Free Expanded Cable
  • Free Long-Distance Calling
ADA Amenities
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • ADA Accessible Rooms
  • Communication Assistance Available: TTY & Bed Shaker
  • Service Animals are Welcome
  • Exterior Corridors
  • Portable Crib/Play Yard Available
  • Snack Center


  • Mercy Medical Center Redding (0.57 mi)
  • Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau (0.54 mi)
  • Benton Dog Park - Redding (1.01 mi)
  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park (1.09 mi)
  • Sundial Bridge (1.14 mi)
  • Waterworks Park (2.60 mi)
  • Simpson University (3.85 mi)
  • Whiskeytown National Recreation Area (7.75 mi)
  • Shasta District Fair & Event Center (9.40 mi)
  • Shasta Dam (9.90 mi)
  • Redding Municipal Airport (RDD) (6.75 mi)
  • Lulu’s Eating & Drinking (0.03 mi)
  • Evergreen (0.12 mi)
  • Shasta Pizza (0.32 mi)
  • Trendy’s (0.31 mi)
  • Jack’s Grill (0.34 mi)
  • Subway Restaurants (0.63 mi)
  • Taco Bell (0.70 mi)
  • Thai Café (0.67 mi)
  • Woody’s Brewing Co. (0.72 mi)
  • Carl’s Jr. (0.84 mi)

TripAdvisor Ratings

Horrible Experience

This location was an absolute nightmare. I had driven 8 hours in the rain and was cold and tired. I checked in and went up to my room. First of all, the floors had tacky dirty shoe prints on them. Additionally, the description says it i a 100% non smoking facility and my room smelled like stale cigarettes.My room was about 48 degrees inside. So I turned on the wall heater. I waited for the warm air to come out, it took about 10 minutes for slightly warm air to come out and when it did, I cranked the fan to get the room warm. The air then became cold? So I lowered it as low as I could and for slightly warm air to come out. The front of the heater was missing so I could not direct the heat to the part of the room ( the bed ) that I wanted. And the heater sounded like a small prop plane. The USB port on the lamp did not work so was unable to charge my phone. Not a big deal, just an inconvenience. When I was finally changed and climbed into bed the room was still cold so was shivering. The heater would kick on and would wake me from the half sleep I was in. Then a car alarm went off. Then a big loud BANG woke me up. Then the other people in the rooms were out smoking and the smoke smell came into my room. By this time it was morning and I had to get up to drive another 8 hours to get home. Got up to take a shower. Turned on the water, got in the shower, pulled the lever to turn on the shower head, and just as I stepped under the shower water the shower head flew off and hit me right in the face, and water is now spewing all over the bathroom. Got out of the shower, without getting to bathe, packed my stuff and went down to check out. I spoke with Kristinina. VERY nice employee. She was appalled at my experience and said she was going to request a refund for me as the entire evening was such a disaster. She made notes and said she would speak to the owner on my behalf and I should expect a phone call. It's been a week and I had not heard from anyone. I called to speak to the owner and Kristina answered. I let her know I had not hear from anyone and she apologized and said it sounds like I probably would not get the refund. Additionally, this is not a good neighborhood. There was yelling outside happening, the cleaning supply rooms had obviously been broken into as they had pad locks and chains on the doors that had previously been kicked in. I did not request another room as I was just so tired and it was so late, I just wanted to sleep. Overall the neighborhood feels unsafe and the motel itself is not well run. It is clear the owner does not care about the customer experience enough to even bother with a phone call or discussion. I do not recommend anyone to stay here.


Christine or Christina (not 100% sure on the name) was amazing. I called prior to my arrival and confirmed everything, including being able to stay in the room until around 2 or 3pm on the day of check out. She said it was all great and set, she had even set notes in my record. Now I knew there would be a small fee that Christine had discussed with me which I didn’t mind. When I got there she was amazing and so welcoming. It was amazing, totally opposite of the reviews I had seen online about this place. Dee is horrendous. I called down to the main office, after a housekeeper had come to my room, to verify that I could stay until 2 or 3pm. She immediately flipped her lid. She states that Christine should never had done that, that it wasn’t allowed, that the entire hotel is booked so there is absolutely no way for it to happen. When I mentioned the notes in my record and the small fee she got even more upset and stated that it’s a whole new day so unless I wanted to pay for another day then I’d have to leave. She asked ‘well what are your circumstances to need to stay that late’ I said that I was in school until 2 or 3 on a zoom call, she said ‘well why didn’t you make other accommodations then. When I asked how long I had to collect my things she again stated ‘well you can’t stay until 2 or 3’ I said that I understood but needed time to gather my things, she said I had until 12 (which was only 15 mins away). She said that she would call the owner and see what they wanted to do and call me back. Feeling so un-welcomed I immediately started packing and getting ready to leave. I had less then 10 minutes to pack and so I did. Then she called me back and said that the owner was fine with it, and I just had to pay that small fee. I agreed just to have more time to pack and let my instructor know that I was needing to leave the hotel last minute. After I gathered my things I left and went down to the front to get a receipt. She said ‘I can’t give you your receipt until the housekeepers check your room’. I said okay, thank you and was leaving. She then stopped me and said ‘aren’t you the guy who’s going to stay until 2pm?’ I said, not anymore I don’t feel welcomed. She laughed at me and said ‘okay, bye then’. So I left. Fast forward about 15 mins and she called me. She said ‘I don’t know if we have an issue but I have laryngitis so that’s just my voice. I tried to ask for your email address so I can email your receipt to you. What is your email Erick?’ I said ‘my name isn’t even Erick’ she said ‘oh okay, oh well’ I told her that I’ve taken care of patients with laryngitis because I work in the medical field and that the issue isn’t laryngitis, it’s that she’s rude, condescending, short, has bad customer service and is disrespectful’ she said ‘I have outstanding customer service’ when I said ‘it’s not your place to disagree with the customer, you’re literally arguing with me right now about your tone with me’ she kept on but I felt so disrespected I hung up. Christine and everyone else was amazing but Dee was nightmare.

Rip off motel

Friendly staff without expect owner rip off my stsyed 2 nights book through 68.95 two nights. I didnt say officially stay a wk. Staff take it as official. I change mind chk out after 2 nights. Owner Sam rip me off 495 , credit me 154 during this TGIVING it all I have. Bank closed until hopful Fri they dispute give back my money. The room they give me is kinda spooky. Noises between bath mirror. No motel guest and rm behind my rm. I chk in . I seen look like emt place on us body on the ground. I told one ckerk. It sudden see them clean up the ground. Dont ket the facade of the rm fool you. Stay Old motel where less cases & honest owner at least furnished & cozy than this red roof.

No complaints

I stayed for one night while heading south. Skeptical at first due to the reviews but I noticed none of the reviews were recent. Good location not too far from the highway. Lots in the area for food and shopping. The room was clean and updated. Be aware this is not a fancy hotel so no fancy amenities. The ladies at check in and check out were great. Super nice and attentive. The ice machine works and at first I was a little hesitant as I was traveling alone and I was given a first floor room but I slept great and felt secure.

Friendliest staff and clean rooms!

I've had the opportunity to stay here a few times. I have been lucky to be greeted by Dee on my stays. She is always upbeat, friendly and a joy to talk to. On my recent stay, a new friendly lady named Hannah was being trained by Dee. Hannah seemed like she has been doing this forever. A very quick check-in experience. It's always nice to see friendly staff when checking in after a long day on the road. Keep up the great work ladies!!! And of course, rooms are nice and clean and a great place to unwind. Paul Navarro

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