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Hotel Overview

Come stay and enjoy the comfort and convenience that the newly renovated Red Roof Inn Jacksonville - Cruise Port has to offer.  Our hotel is located just minutes from Downtown Jacksonville, River City Market Place, Prime Osborn Convention Center, Alltel Stadium, Dames Point Cruise Terminal, and Jacksonville Beaches. Our guests enjoy free WiFi, coffeehouse style coffee and tea in the lobby and select rooms offer a microwave & refrigerator. ...Read More

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Located off of I-95, just minutes from downtown Jacksonville, the Red Roof Inn Jacksonville - Cruise Port is a comfortable and convenient place to stay.  Guests enjoy the easy access to local shopping and attractions including River City Market Place, Jacksonville Zoological Gardens, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art and the Anheuser Busch Brewery.  Several nearby universities and event centers are also close by, including Florida Community College, Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida, Prime Osborn Convention Center, Alltel Stadium and Jacksonville Fairgrounds. If the ocean is calling you Dames Point Cruise Terminal and Jacksonville Port Authority are just a short drive away.

Guests of the Red Roof Inn Jacksonville - Cruise Port enjoy free WiFi throughout the hotel and complimentary coffeehouse style coffee and tea in the lobby.  Our hotel offers Handicapped accessible guest rooms, 24-hour front desk service and free parking for your convenience. Select guest rooms include microwave and refrigerator.  One well behaved family pet is welcome.

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Key Amenities

Kids 17 & Under Stay Free
Pets Stay Free

Hotel Amenities

  • Free Coffee in the Lobby
  • Free Long Distance
  • Weekly Rates
  • 100% Smoke-Free
  • ADA Accessible Parking
  • ADA Accessible Rooms
  • Airport within 10 Miles
  • Restaurant within 1 Mile
  • Snack Center
  • Free Parking
  • Limited Bus/Truck Parking Available


  • Anheuser-Busch Jacksonville Brewery (0.66 mi)
  • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens (2.03 mi)
  • Oceanway Community Center (2.42 mi)
  • River City Marketplace (2.88 mi)
  • Regal Cinemas River City Marketplace 14 (2.93 mi)
  • Jaxport Cruise Terminal (4.94 mi)
  • Jacksonville Cruise Port (5.13 mi)
  • The Jacksonville Port Authority (5.69 mi)
  • Shands Jacksonville Medical Center (5.87 mi)
  • Jacksonville Amtrak (5.97 mi)
  • Jacksonville International Airport (4.29)  mi
  • Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (CRG) (10.87)  mi
  • Hooters (7.49)  mi
  • Ruth's Chris Steak House (7.80)  mi
  • River City Brewing Company (7.81)  mi
  • La Nopalera (8.43)  mi
  • Taverna (8.91)  mi
  • SUBWAY®Restaurants (10.75)  mi
  • Subway (14.27)  mi
  • The Cheesecake Factory (14.46)  mi
  • The Capital Grille (14.81)  mi
  • Tijuana Flats (15.52)  mi

TripAdvisor Ratings

May 13, 2017

I prepaid for this hotel and if I wouldn't have, I would have walked out. I needed a basic, clean hotel room to spend the night before an early flight. Stayed at other Red Roofs before and they have been fine/good. This hotel was super gross. The hallway carpet was FILTHY and there was vomit in the hallway when I left in the morning. My room was dingy. The floors were dirty and the bathroom was gross. Shower head was separated from wall and there was mold. I showered with flip flops on. The only positive is that I felt the bed linens were clean. Giant fail Red Roof. Giant fail.

Worst hotel ever
April 06, 2017

If rooms on first floor are being worked on, second floor was a wreck. Filthy floors, dirty bathroom. Bathroom walls showed mold, wall falling apart, crumbled. No ice machine. Hall ways were filthy, dirty and disgusting. So bad. Would never recommend.

Despite problems OK
March 20, 2017

The downstairs rooms are being refurbished so I had to have a first floor room - this would have caused problems if staff had not carried my bags - thanks. Unfortunately, the WIfi was down and the motel does not offer breakfast,

Disgusting, horrible and unsafe
March 16, 2017

I needed a room for one night and booked this hotel. Lobby was poorly looking, Stairwell up to room was lay out with an extremely stained carpet. Alcohol smell lingering in the hallway accompanied me up to 3rd floor. Inside room I checked bathroom and found a hole in the wall, and ants crawling around on the floor. The room door didn't lock and the smell in there was unbearable. Some of the other guests chose to smoke marijuana. The smell was loud and make me sick. As I went downstairs to check out, the hotel staff were rude towards me and told me they didn't have to check me out if they didn't want to. I placed key on desk and left out. I slept the night in my car. Still waiting on priceline to return my money.

Disgusting and unsafe
March 10, 2017

When we pulled into the parking lot, I joked to my husband that I immediately felt like I was on an episode of Bones right before a body is discovered. We laughed, parked, and entered the hotel to find a small, musty lobby. The carpet at the threshold of the door was being held down with a dirty strip of blue painter’s masking tape. Classy. The clerk was doing something on the floor behind the desk that required gloves, and after a minute or so, she stopped what she was doing and checked us in (without removing the gloves). She wasn’t overly smiley (she probably didn’t want to be there anymore than we did), but she wasn’t rude. Unfortunately, there was no elevator, but that wasn’t really a big deal, so we proceeded to carry the suitcase upstairs, carefully stepping over some trash as well as what appeared to be either a chunk of pet hair or part of someone’s weave. So far, dumpy, but we were holding out hope that the room would be tolerable. We entered the third floor hallway, only to be greeted by the overpowering stench of cigarette smoke combined with bleach. I’d never smelled this combination before, but I don’t recommend it. I should mention that this is a nonsmoking hotel, but the necessity of having a huge sign on the front desk warning of a fine for smoking in rooms should have clued me in to the fact that the “no smoking” rule is rarely observed. I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so at this point, I was not happy. As it turns out, to get around the “no smoking in the rooms” policy, patrons sit in the indoor stairway right next to my room and smoke, kindly leaving their empty bottles, snack wrappers, loose tobacco, and gas-station-quality cigarillo wrappers on the already filthy carpet. We paused at the door. At this point, the room was the hotel equivalent of Schrodinger’s cat. Until we opened the door, the room held the potential to be either tolerable or really funky. After a shallow breath (to avoid inhaling anymore carcinogens than necessary), we took the plunge and opened the door. The room smelled okay (except when someone was smoking directly outside of it), and at a glance seemed sort of clean (at least compared to the hallway and stairwell). Upon closer inspection, however, the entire floor was sticky, and I got someone else’s lipstick on my hand when I touched the counter in front of the sink. I quickly opened the complimentary soap and grabbed the hot water handle, which fell off in my hand as I turned it. At this point, I was still more amused than annoyed. I washed my hand and reached for the towel. As I grabbed the towel, the entire towel holder came apart and fell to the floor. I reassembled it and surveyed the rest of the room. “It looks big,” my husband said. Yes, it did look big. It looked big because it was conspicuously missing nearly all of the advertised amenities…no microwave/fridge, no iron, no ironing board, no hair dryer, no coffee maker. It did have a TV and about a third of a roll of scratchy toilet tissue. The bathroom vanity was visibly dirty, and there was lint and hair in a ball in the corner of the room. Still trying to be positive, I walked to the window and opened it. After all, I was on the top floor, so maybe the view was okay (or better than the room at least). Negative. To add to the ambience, we discovered that our window overlooked the side parking lot, and directly under our window was the largest industrial dumpster I’ve ever seen, filled with bulging bags of trash and other loose garbage, including but not limited to Miller Lite boxes and some mysteriously gnarly-looking pool noodles (particularly strange, given that there is no pool at the hotel). Laughing in disbelief, I closed the drapes and decided to try the bed. It was so firm it was basically like sleeping on the floor. My husband didn’t mind because he likes a very firm mattress, but I barely slept. Of course, the frequent slamming of doors and Jerry Springer-esque drama that seemed to be unfolding just outside the door for most of the night could have been a contributing factor. Throughout the night, people were knocking on the door of the room across the hall, using a special knock. My guess is drug deals, but I didn’t investigate further. There was a conspicuously-placed envelope explaining Emily Post’s recommended tipping etiquette for hotel patrons. Given the ridiculously poor quality of cleaning, I’m not surprised that they needed to specifically ask people to tip the maids. At this point, there was no way I was going to leave a tip, but because I also don’t feel right about someone cleaning up after me without getting a tip, my solution was to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door for the duration of the trip and forego maid service. Oh, wait, I forgot. There was not a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Being the ghetto-fabulous craftsperson that I am, I fashioned one out of a piece of typing paper and cut a hole large enough to fit it onto the door handle. Problem solved. Now to get a shower. I turned on the water to get it hot, and it quickly started filling the tub. I checked to make sure the stopper was disengaged, and it was, but the drain was so slow that I knew I’d need to shower quickly or risk flooding the bathroom. I removed the shower mat and found that it was so torn it looked like it had once been a chew-toy for a large dog. Laughing, I put it on the floor and got into the shower. I closed the curtain, only to discover what appeared to be a relatively large amount of dried blood splatter on the cloth curtain. Starting to feel officially disgusted as I imagined how the blood may have gotten onto the shower curtain in the first place, I showered quickly, trying not to touch the curtain, pulled my wet hair back (because there was no hair dryer), and left for the day as quickly as I could. After looking at the stairs and hallways, I can say with relative confidence that the hotel either doesn’t own a working vacuum cleaner or doesn’t employ people with the motivation to use one. It was so bad that, despite having prepaid for three nights, we left after two and went somewhere else. This is easily the worst place I’ve ever stayed, and I once stayed in a room in Costa Rica (for $11/night) where the only window was literally a piece of the wall that had been cut out and put on a hinge (which also means various tropical insects came into the room), but at least that “window” opened to look out over a beautiful waterfall, not a giant pile of refuse, and I’m pretty sure none of the migrant workers staying there were dealing drugs. I do not recommend this hotel unless you intend to buy drugs or possibly a prostitute.

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Pet Policy: One well-behaved family pet is permitted, at no additional charge. Pet must be declared during guest registration and kept on a leash when outside guest room. In consideration of all guests, pets must never be left unattended in the guest room. When you walk your pet on the property, please be considerate and clean up after your pet.

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