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Key Amenities

100% Smoke Free
Airport within 10 Miles
Pets Stay Free
Verified Wi-Fi™
Weekly Rates

Hotel Amenities

  • Free Coffee in the Lobby
  • Free Expanded Cable
  • Free Long-Distance Calling
ADA Amenities
  • Accessible Parking Spaces for Cars in Self-Parking Facility
  • Accessible Parking Spaces for Vans in Self-Parking Facility
  • Communication Assistance Available: TTY & Bed Shaker
  • Service Animals are Welcome
  • Interior & Exterior Entrances
  • Portable Crib/Play Yard Available
  • Restaurant within Walking Distance
  • Free Parking
  • Public Transportation Nearby

TripAdvisor Ratings

Gross and disrespectful
Sun Oct 25, 2020

I usually never write reviews but this place was terrible. My fiance, toddler and I stayed here for two nights. The first night we realized that one of the beds had a stained pillow (looked like pee stains) so we set it aside and waited until morning to bring it up to the front desk. The only justification they had was they tried to say there should of been a pillow case on it. That, or it wasn’t their pillow. If it’s not their pillow it shouldn’t have been left in our room and if it was their pillow then that is disgusting that they would have their guests laying on that. They went in our room while we were not there the next day to “check for a pillowcase.” Our son woke up sick the next day and when we brought it to the managers attention respectfully to try to get the problem resolved he told us to get off of the property. Would not recommend. Would not stay again. Horrible management. Not a clean place.

Thanksgiving Weekend
Thu Jan 9, 2020

Wow. Very pleasantly surprised. The rooms were well done n clean. The bathroom was hella loud, I think the renovation stopped there but hey we closed the door. The coffee was always fresh and Staff were friendly. Definitely staying here next year

Sun Nov 10, 2019

What can I say, first off I opted to pay at the hotel. Big mistake. I asked to have my card on file for deposit but I want to pay cash. I was told I couldn’t do that. They had to charge my card and then I could pay cash they would then refund back to my card but takes about 7 days. So in other words I would pay double. I didn’t have that kind of money. Very rude. Ok so then the next morning I went to dry my hair no hairdryer. Not to mention no Kleenex refrigerator or microwave. I went to the front desk asked for a hairdryer and was told you only get one if you upgrade. I said that was not on your website. She informs that it’s new rules. She goes on to tell me I should’ve been smart enough to upgrade. Really?? I then went to housekeeping and the awesome ladies there gave me a hairdryer. I’ve used for years and this hotel makes them look bad. Word to the wise management is Rude!!!

Bad housekeeping, bad customer service
Sun Oct 13, 2019

Stayed here two months ago for 5 nights. I normally don't write reviews at all, good or bad, but after both the hotel manager and Red Roof Corporate failed to do anything to compensate me for my issues, I wanted to post this to warn others off. This is not a Red Roof Inn Plus, it barely qualifies as a Red Roof. Hotel is in two buildings, lobby on top of a hill, then a building with more rooms downhill. Try to get a room on top if you can, I wasn't able to. Checked in on a Sunday, come back Monday night, room isn't made up. No DND on the door, no explanation from the front desk as to why the room wasn't made up. There's only one night clerk on duty, so they can't bring towels to the room. I have to go out and walk up 32 steps to the upper building to get towels from the lobby. I ask them to please have the room made up and have them vacuum the rug and mop the floor to clean up the sticky spots. On Tuesday, my room is made up, but the rug wasn't vacuumed, and the floor wasn't mopped. Then I go to take a shower Wednesday morning, and all my toiletries are gone, razor, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, comb, all of it. So I go back up the 32 steps to get the cheapo toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor. Manager is not on duty to discuss it, and I'm not able to call Wednesday because I got too busy at my conference. Wednesday night room is not made up again. So back up the steps for more towels. I finally talk to the manager on Thursday, and he tells me that his housekeeping staff has been with him 20 years and they would never make a mistake like that. He says I threw out all my toiletries myself. Since his crack housekeeping staff hasn't made up my room 2 out of three days, I'm not believing him. Thursday night, the room isn't made up yet again. So back up the steps a fourth time. The night clerk was very apologetic, unlike the manager who blamed me for everything. I figured no problem, I'll just call Red Roof and they'll take care of it. I've been a Redicard member since 1993. Stayed in dozens of Red Roofs all around the country. I figured Corporate would take care of it. I asked for a free night coupon as compensation. I was stunned that not only would they not give me the free night, they wouldn't even reimburse me for my lost toiletries. They sided with the manager and his terrible housekeeping staff. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this Red Roof.

Can't trust the staff
Tue Sep 17, 2019

I didn't need the first night of my stay, but it was too late to cancel and rebook. So I checked in, washed my hands and used a towel, then turned the A/C off and left the room for the night, putting up a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. The next day I walked back in the room and found the AC on, along with the towel having been replaced. I immediately went to the front desk and asked why somebody had been in my room. "Well, you didn't have any belongings in there, so it looked like you were an early check-out." Well, why was the person IN MY ROOM IN THE FIRST PLACE? The door said Do Not Disturb! "Um, I'm not sure. Sorry, I can't explain that." Everything else was fine with the stay (I did spend the next two nights in the room). And when I placed the DND on the door again (and left a note saying "Don't Enter My Room" on the floor), I came back with no changes having been made. However, I still give the staff a very low grade for disregarding my DND. If you can't trust the staff to stay out of your room when you tell them not to enter, can you trust them at all?

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