Stay in Touch with Us

It’s our goal to provide you with the best travel experience, so contact us during any stage of your travel plans. Here are the best ways to reach out to us.

  • For Reservations:

    <p><a href="tel:800-733-7663">800-RED-ROOF (800-733-7663)</a></p> <p><a href="tel:877-733-7244">877-733-7244</a> Español</p> <p>Sunday-Saturday 8AM - 1AM EST</p>
  • For Group Reservations:

    <p><a href="tel:800-733-7663">800-874-9000</a></p> <p>Monday-Friday 10AM - 6PM EST</p>
  • For Guest Relations:

    <p>Phone:&#160;<a href="tel:800-733-7663">800-554-4555</a></p> <p>Email:&#160;<a href="" title="Contact"></a></p> <p>Mail:&#160;2071 N. Bechtle Ave, Box 226, Springfield, OH 45504</p> <p>Sunday 10AM - 7PM EST</p> <p>Monday-Saturday 8AM - 8PM EST</p>