The 9 Best Dog Parks in Chicago
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If you're planning a trip to Chicago with your dog, you'll be glad to know that there are many pet-friendly activities inside the city's 234 square miles.  From restaurants and cafes to water activities and parks, there are lots of ways to spend time with your 4-legged friend in the Windy City. We know your time staying with Red Roof is limited, so we highlighted 9 of the city's most popular dog parks below. 

Wiggly Field Dog Park

Wiggly Field Dog Park is fully gated and allows dogs to run and play off-leash. The dog park is located at the end of Reed-Keppler Park and is open seven days a week from sunrise to dusk. Your dog must have an up-to-date identification tag and all required vaccinations to enjoy the park. When you arrive and depart, they must be on a leash. Wiggly Field Dog Park offers some dog agility equipment to keep your four-legged buddy occupied. Smaller dogs may choose to visit the neighboring South Paw Dog Park, which is designated to dogs under 30 pounds. 

Norwood Park Dog Park

The Norwood Park Dog Park is an off-leash dog park located in Chicago's Norwood Park area. There's a water fountain for thirsty dogs, covered benches to relax on while keeping an eye on your dog, and poop bags to make cleaning up after your pet a breeze. Dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving, and they must be vaccinated and licensed. Each owner is limited to bringing three dogs to the park at a time, and pups under the age of four months are not permitted. The Norwood Dog Park Association maintains the park and occasionally hosts activities there. 

Montrose Dog Beach

Montrose Dog Beach is a favorite for numerous pet owners in Chicago. Allow your four-legged friends to feel the breeze in their hair and the sand between their toes as they explore nearly four acres of fenced-in coastline. Whether they decide to go swimming or create a sand dog house, you can relax knowing they are having the time of their lives – and that they will be exhausted when you get home. As an added bonus, Montrose Dog Beach features a self-service dog washing station, allowing you to leave the sand at the beach rather than in your vehicle. 


Puptown is located in uptown Chicago's Margate Park and is 0.38 acres in size,  featuring an asphalt/gravel surface. There are water dishes and toys for dogs to play with at the park, and there is plenty of parking. Owners are responsible for their pets while visiting Puptown and must stay within the enclosed area for the duration of their visit. Clean up after your pup (poop bags are available), and make sure your dog is healthy and up to date on vaccinations before coming to the park. 

Pooch Park

This park on the outskirts of town is sure to make your dog jump with excitement! Pooch Park features a 2.7-acre off-leash area for dogs to romp around in. An agility area is also available, where you can test your dog's ability to compete on ESPN. Pooch Park is divided into three sections for giant dogs, little dogs, and the previously stated athletes in training. The park requires that you become a member and pay an application fee, so check out the Pooch Park Website before you go. 

Logan Square Dog Park

Logan Square Dog Park is a big, completely gated dog park on Chicago's Western Avenue. There is a double gate for increased security and plenty of toys and fetching balls for your dog to enjoy. A separate gated area is available for tiny dogs that may not be safe in the bigger park. During the summer, Logan Square Dog Park offers drinking fountains, garbage cans, and even a few small swimming pools for your pet to enjoy. Ensure that your dog is vaccinated, healthy, and monitored while in the park. 

Horner Park Dog Park

Horner Area Dog Park is a 0.75-acre park in Horner Park's southwest corner. The park is completely enclosed and is now being renovated. Horner Park Dog Park will have drinking water fountains for both dogs and people, seats, a brick-paved entrance, a water play area, and a separate fenced area for smaller dogs. You are welcome to bring your own dog toys to the park, but please remember to take them with you when you leave. All dogs are welcome in the park; however, if your dog has a history of aggressive behavior, they will not be allowed to enter.

Jackson Bark

Jackson Bark is the ideal playground for daring pups. The park is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (it is well-lit, with giant flood lights that turn on at dusk) and welcomes all dogs. There are different spaces for tiny and large dogs in the park. Jackson Bark includes enormous tunnels to hide in, toys to play with, roofs to climb, and other dogs to pursue. There are wading pools and plenty of places for your dog to drink and misters for owners to cool off in. 

Lakeshore East Dog Park

Lakeshore East Dog Park is located on the southern edge of Lakeshore East Park and is available every day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The majority of this park is made up of concrete sidewalks and soft green turf. Even though the park is only around 0.1 acre in size, there is plenty of room to run around and some good trees to provide shade. Lakeshore East Dog Park has lots of benches where you can sit and watch your dog play. There is also a drinking fountain for the dogs. 

Chicago Cares About Your Canine Companions - and so Does Red Roof

The best dog parks in Chicago prove that this is a city where pets are beloved in all shapes and sizes, and are welcome to play and enjoy facilities suitable for every breed of dog, of any age.

Of course, places to play are one half of the story – where you hang your hat after a big day out is just as important. Trips to Chicago, IL demand comfortable and pet-friendly hotel rooms at Red Roof.