The 6 Best Dog Parks in Columbus
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Taking a vacation is always a good thing – but it’s even better if our beloved pets get to go along for the ride. Anyone who has ever visited or done a little reading up on Columbus, the capital city of the state of Ohio, knows that it’s a jewel of shopping, eating out and nightlife – but also lots of wide open green spaces.

In fact, this city’s green credentials are something the rest of us could certainly learn a thing or two from – and with family values so emphasized in Columbus, it makes sense there are so many dog-friendly dog parks Columbus offers residents and visitors alike.

Of course, your time staying with Red Roof is limited, so how do you know where the best dog parks in Columbus to visit are? No need to fret. From lush open meadows for Fido to let loose, to the specialist indoor dog parks Columbus sometimes offers, we have the shortlist of places your pet is sure to love.

Scioto Audubon Dog Park

Spread across two and a half acres of natural grassland, Scioto Audubon Dog Park has a partition that lets small and large dogs play off leash separately. This can help more shy and nervous dogs to be among canine companions of a similar size and disposition.

There’s also an agility course here, which is great if you’re looking for dog parks in Columbus that can help with precision training – or simply tire out an active pet so you can enjoy your vacation while the dog naps off their playtime.

Got a dog who just can’t stop digging? This is one of the dog-friendly dog parks Columbus offers for pooches ready to put those paws to good use. The sandpit at Scioto Audubon Dog Park is designed to let dogs dig to their heart’s content.

Three Creeks Dog Park

Three Creeks Dog Park is packed with amenities for the whole family. Spread over four expansive acres, it’s lush and green enough here that you might just forget you’re visiting a state capital city at all.

The drinking fountain at Three Creeks Dog Park helps active pups quench their thirst and stay hydrated –especially important if you are visiting in the height of the summer sun. 

Like many other of the best dog parks in Columbus, Three Creeks Dog Park features areas that are specifically tailored towards small dogs and larger breeds, letting each kind of dog play with the kind of pals they feel most confident around. There are also portable restrooms for you and the family to use, as well as kiosks and picnic tables to help you all grab a bite to eat and stay hydrated.

Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park

Many of the best dog parks in Columbus are volunteer legend run, and the Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park is no exception.

Spread across fields and an enclosed beach area, it’s the donations and volunteers sourced from the Ohio community that keep this wonderful pocket of pooch paradise open to visitors all year round.

This is one of the best dog parks in Columbus for dogs who love to take a dip. The Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park has a safely contained area of water for dogs to splash and play in, so make sure you bring your towel with you if you suspect your furry family member is going to want to make a splash.

Glacier Ridge Dog Park

Glacier Ridge Dog Park is among the most recommended dog-friendly dog parks Columbus can offer, simply because it mixes so many types of terrain and experience into one spacious area.

At 2.5 acres, there is plenty of space for everyone, and lots of wide open areas for confident canines to let loose and strut their stuff. However, you’re also well catered for here thanks to the drinking fountains provided, and paved pathways help guide the experience and give you and your furry friend a route to follow if they are becoming a tad overexcited.

A star attraction that helps Glacier Ridge Dog Park stand out among the best dog parks in Columbus is its shady woodland walk area, however. This peaceful pocket of the park is covered with natural trees and well marked routes, but has plenty of secret sniffs for your dog to let a curious nose loose on.

Walnut Woods Dog Park

Many of both the visitors and locals who take their pets to Walnut Woods agree it’s one of the best dog parks in Columbus, simply because this place is not only clean and well kept, but also well thought out in terms of layout.

There’s an acre of specific greenland on which smaller dogs can let loose and run wild, while those dog lovers who have furry family members on the larger side definitely appreciate the generous three acres their big strong hounds can horse around in.

Drinking water is plentiful here too, so even hot days need not be a bother for your dog. They might well appreciate a dip in the dog swimming pool found at Walnut Woods Dog Park too – the water is fenced off to keep overly curious canines out, while also giving the sea dogs on site somewhere to paddle and splash.

The Pooch Playground Dog Park at Pizzurro Park

While Pizzurro Park is already one of the city’s most beloved parks, it’s also home to one of the best dog parks in Columbus – the Pooch Playground.

As the name suggests, this is one of those dog-friendly dog parks Columbus features that doesn’t go easy on the family-friendly features. At an expansive four acres, it’s among one of the biggest dog parks Columbus can offer.

The Pooch Playground at Pizzurro Park in Columbus also lives up to its name thanks to its agility playground features, where dogs can weave, run, jump and slip through tubes and chutes aplenty. Every breed of dog is welcome to use the agility area, so it’s a good way to also get dogs used to socializing while they’re with you on vacation.

Columbus Cares About Your Canine Companions – and So Does Red Roof

The best dog parks in Columbus prove that this is a city where pets are beloved in all shapes and sizes, and are welcome to play and enjoy facilities suitable for every breed of dog, of any age.
Of course, places to play are one half of the story – where you hang your hat after a big day out is just as important. Trips to Columbus, Ohio demand comfortable and pet-friendly hotel rooms at Red Roof.