The 9 Best Dog Parks in Houston
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If you have a dog then you know how fun and exciting dog parks can be. So why not check out some of the best dog parks in Houston with your canine companion? Whether trying to beat the heat on a hot day or let your furry friend burn off some energy - one of these dog-friendly parks in Houston should have just what you need. 

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park

3201 State Highway 6 North
Houston, TX 77084

The Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park is the largest dog park in Houston. It spans a total of 17 acres with 14 acres dedicated to the large dogs and 3 acres to the small dogs. Each section has ponds for your pups to play and cool off. You’ll also find obstacle and agility courses for those high-energy dogs. Before you leave, give them a quick wash in the dog showers. 

Millie Bush Bark Park

16101 Westheimer Parkway
Houston, TX 77082

The Millie Bush Bark Park consists of 8 acres inside George Bush Park. Your pups will enjoy lots of grassy areas and large pools inside both the large and small dog sections. You’ll also find water fountains and fire hydrants for cooling off. For your comfort, there are benches and covered pavilions. Picnic tables surround the dog park area so you can enjoy some lunch while your dog is playing. Want to take a walk while your pooch plays? There are walking trails both inside and outside the dog park. Before leaving, give your pup a quick wash at one of the many dog washing stations outside the fenced area. 

Alexander Deussen Dog Park

12303 Sonnier Street
Houston, TX 77044

The Alexander Deussen Dog Park is 6.5 acres of dog fun located in the southern section of the Alexander Duessen Park. The big dog area covers 5.25 acres, and the little guys’ area is 1.25 acres. This grassy park features agility equipment for those dogs looking for a bit of a challenge. After a hard workout on the agility equipment, your pup can get rehydrated at one of the doggy water fountains and relax under some shade trees located throughout the park. The park also has plenty of shade, benches, and walking paths for some exercise of your own. 

Tom Bass Regional Park & Dog Park

3452 Fellows Road 
Houston, TX 77047 

The Tom Bass Dog Park consists of 10 acres located within the Tom Bass Regional Park, of which 6.8 acres are for the big dogs and 2.8 acres for the small dogs. You’ll find a walking trail, agility equipment, water stations, dog showers, and some benches for you to sit and relax. 

Danny Jackson Family Dog Park

4828 ½ Loop Central Dr 
Houston, TX 77081

The Danny Jackson Family Dog Park is 3-acres of pure fun. Your pooch will have a blast playing in the small swimming ponds located in both the large and small dog sides. You’ll also find water fountains and fire hydrants for your dog to cool off and benches for you to sit and relax. Keep in mind there are limited shaded area and no public restrooms.

Johnny Steele Dog Park

2929 Allen Pkwy
Houston, TX 77019 

The 2-acre Johnny Steele Dog Park provides endless fun for your pup. You’ll find a dog pond with some rock features for climbing, cool shaded areas to take a breather, and dog washes to clean up before heading home! You’ll also find some shade structures and benches for relaxing while your pooch cools off. 

Maxey Bark Park and Run Park

601 Maxey Road
Houston, TX 77013

If you’re looking for a traditional dog park, this 13 acre spot is for you. You’ll find plenty of grass, water fountains, shaded areas with benches and dog showers. Your dog can run and play for hours and then cool off with a shower afterward. 

TC Jester Dog Park

4201 TC Jester Blvd.
Houston, TX 77018 

The TC Jester Dog Park is not as large as the others on this list, at just over an acre. However, it still offers plenty for your pups, such as lots of room to run and play and water stations for rehydrating. You'll also find benches and lots of shade to stay cool while your pup makes new friends. 

Levy Dog Park

3801 Eastside Street
Houston, TX 77098

The Levy Dog Park is a fun park full of grass and “play berms” for your pup to run up and down on. You’ll also find cobblestone pavement that adds to the ambiance of this park. One of the more unique features of this park are the water fountains that can be turned on for your dog to run and play in on a hot day. So if your pup likes water, he will have a blast here! This park has lots of shade and benches for you to relax and watch the fun. Both the large and small dog sides have the same amenities. 


Is Houston a dog-friendly city? 

In August 2021, WalletHub compared the pet-friendliness of the 100 largest U.S. cities across 23 key metrics and found Houston, TX, comes in at number 36. So that would definitely qualify Houston, TX, as a dog-friendly city! 

Are there any indoor dog parks in Houston? 

There are no indoor dog parks in Houston; however, there are many indoor doggie daycares that you can send your dog to for a couple of hours or a full day. Of course, there is a charge for using these services, and you must show proof of proper vaccinations. 

What is the biggest dog park in Houston? 

The biggest dog park in Houston would be the Congressmen Bill Archer Park at 17 acres. 

Are there any water dog parks in Houston? 

Many of the listed dog parks have water features, such as the Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park, the Millie Bush Bark Park, and the Levy Dog Park. 

Houston Cares About Your Canine Companions - and So Does Red Roof

As you can see, there are many dog-friendly parks in Houston, so why not check out one or more of the best dog parks and let us know which one is your favorite when you stay with Red Roof.