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Travel With Pets

As Red Roof’s designated Pet Travel Ambassador, I log lots of travel time. There’s nothing like the wind in your hair watching the world rush by my window from my safe seat in the car. I’m a champ when my family plays I Spy during the drive and I chime in when we sing songs together. And when we make pit stops for snacks, I find so many new smells!

Before we hop into the car, my family is great at packing smart for our road trip. They follow a very thorough pet travel packing list—you can never be too prepared for any kind of adventure! Here are some of the things you’ll find in my suitcase so that I stay a happy traveler:

Our Pet Essentials Cleanup Duty
- Collar with pet ID tags - Disinfectant spray
- Leash and harness - Wet wipes
- Pet carrier - Old towels
- Baggies for cleanup - Paper towels
- Food & water bowls
- Litter box
Our Favorite Goodies

- Bed
On The Road - Blanket
- Car seat harness - Brush
- Seat belt adapter - Crate
- Cargo barrier - Toys

For Purrfect Health Just-in-Case Extras
- Medication
- Pet shampoo
- First aid kit
- Car seat covers
- Vet contact information - Puppy pads
- Vaccination records - Nail clippers
- Microchip information
- Paw wipes

Did Someone Say Snacks?
- Food

- Water

- Treats

More Ways My Family Keeps Me Safe on Our Adventures

• I always wear a proper collar with up-to-date contact information.

• My family travels with my microchip information.

• We all know where to find the travel first-aid kit with tweezers, gauze and antiseptic.

• My family carries my health certificate and photo of me (mostly to show off my smile).

• I always travel safely in the car. I prefer wearing a secured seat harness, while some of my dog and cat buddies are more comfortable in a pet carrier. My favorite pet supplies retailers sell seat belt adapters, pet car seats, cargo barriers and everything else you need for safe pet travel.

• The air bag is deactivated from my special seat in the car.

• I am never left alone in the car, but it’s not because I whine too much.