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Stay 2, Earn a Free Night FAQs

What is a Stay?

- A stay is defined as consecutive nights at the same hotel regardless of check-ins or outs.

- One night at a hotel and is checked out for at least 24 hours is considered one stay.

- If the guest checks out at 12 noon and later checks back into the same hotel later the same evening, it is still considered one stay.

- Staying one night at one Red Roof location and another night at a different Red Roof location the next night is considered two stays.

Qualifying Stays:

- Stays booked through 1-800-RED-ROOF, 1-877-EXTENDED, at the hotel, and through will count towards the promotion.

- Stays must be paid stays. Stays must include at least one paid night. RediSave discounted nights also qualify.

- Any third-party bookings (Expedia,, etc.) will not count towards the promotion.

- Stays prior to the registration date will not qualify. If the member has stays in June but does not register for the promotion until July, the June stays will not qualify.

How to Register:

- Step One: Become a RediRewards Member.

- Step Two: Register to be enrolled in the promotion through your RediRewards account. Members register by signing in to their account and selecting the Promotions tab on their RediRewards profile page to complete registration.

- Step Three: Once registered, a guest must complete 2 separate stays at Red Roof between June 1 and August 31. Once 2 stays are completed, then their RediRewards account will be rewarded 7,000 RediPoints! At least one night of each stay must be a paid night. Third party bookings are not eligible.

Other Facts:

- RediRewards Terms and Conditions still apply.

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