The 8 Best Dog Parks in D.C.
woman and dog jogging through park

There simply isn’t a city in the world like Washington D.C. Whether you’re just passing through, or staying awhile, you’re going to want to know where best to let those playful paws scamper. 

Look no further – Red Roof dove deep into our local expertise to help narrow the list of the best dog parks D.C. has to offer!

Shirlington Park

Shirlington Park is one of the best dog parks D.C. locals and visitors come to with their fuzzy loved ones, time and time again. There’s a specialized enclosed area for more nervous or small dogs to play, but also lots of greenery and wide open spaces where dogs can really cut loose. Need to cool down after all the fun? No problem – the beautiful stream running through Shirlington Park is the perfect place for a splash.


Barkhaus is one of the most popular dog friendly bars in the entire city, and as the name suggests, every inch of this swanky yet affordable place has been designed to cater to our four legged friends. Pour a cold one and let your dog loose in one of the best indoor dog parks D.C. can offer. Barkhaus also runs a daycare service if you need to let your pet take a breather from some of your other Washington DC tour ideas – perfect to let them enjoy the indoor dog parks D.C. style while you’re out and about. 

Shaw Dog Park

Forget the cramped and enclosed feelings of the big city when you head here, because it’s one of the largest dog parks in the D.C. area. Secure gates keep everyone where they ought to be, and water bowls are spread throughout to quench the thirst of your 4-legged pal. What makes Shaw Dog Park unique is that it’s entirely ran by dedicated volunteers. A sense of community is felt throughout Shaw Dog Park, with its plentiful trees and shady places to sit making sure there’s as much rest as there is running around to be enjoyed. 

Stanton Park

Stanton Park is a popular place for hobbyist athletes and family playdates, it’s also a fantastic spot for dogs and their owners to meet and mingle. Well kept grass and some shady trees give lots of natural understated beauty to this place – definitely a hidden gem among the dog parks in D.C. 

S Street Dog Park

Knowing you can let your dog off the leash, but also that they’ll be safe for some recall training or playful antics, is important to every dog lover. S Street Dog Park is one of the best dog parks D.C. can offer when it comes to spacious yet safely enclosed places for your pups to play.  Can’t keep up with your dog’s running speed? No shame in that – that’s why those benches dotted beneath the trees are there. Sit back, relax and let your dog tire themselves out running and playing. 

Glencarlyn Park

Glencarlyn Park is beautiful, but it is not enclosed like many of the other dog parks throughout D.C. This doesn't change its popularity of course, with a pretty waterfall and crystal clear stream onsite - this is a park you don't want to miss. 

Lincoln Park

No list of recommended parks in Washington, D.C. is complete without a shoutout to fabulous Lincoln Park. The lush greenery and lengthy dirt running track give Lincoln Park a good deal of variety. 

Langdon Dog Park

Langdon Dog Park mixes concrete and grassy areas to great effect, with plenty of bowls of refreshing water throughout. Langdon Park is big, but that doesn’t mean those who tend to it cut any corners on the maintenance. Expect a clean and safe place to play, with plenty of room to let even the most rambunctious pooches get their fill of running around and playing fetch. 

D.C. Cares About Your Canine Companions -  and so Does Red Roof

Many of the dog parks D.C. offers are located next to some of the best places for food, drink and entertainment in the city. Where will your doggy D.C. adventures take you?

Of course, places to play are one half of the story – where you hang your hat after a big day out is just as important. Trips to Washington, D.C. demand comfortable and pet-friendly hotel rooms at Red Roof.